FOREX on fractals

forex simple strategy on fractals

forex strategy is very well suited for currency pair EUR / USD , if you do not fit this currency pair, you can pick up any other, a sneak peek at what is happening on the charts after Education fractal day interval.

Terms of trade on the Forex strategy is very simple:

  • Chart traded currency pair you want to install indicator draws Fractals (the default setting leave - those who are registered in the Metatrader 4).
  • Trade is conducted on daily charts - D1.
  • Once a fractal UP - to open a trading position on SALE .
    Out of the trading position at the end of the day.
  • Once a fractal DOWN - to open trading position to buy . Output also produce at the end of the day.

Strategiya Forex Fraktalah

for trading on day intervals certainly do not need to have a small size of the deposit, so you might as well open the cent trading account forex or open position micro-lots, thus, that the risk on each trade position does not exceed 4-5%.

Well, if this strategy forex slightly improved by Moving Averages and other forex indicators , you can sell well at lower intervals.

There is certainly a weak point and the system - the lack of safety stop-loss ...
As a solution to this problems, I can offer set stop-loss at High or Low Trade candles obrazavavshey Fractal .

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