FOREX Sidus Method

Forex Strategy: Method Sidus

algorithm trading forex strategy "Method Sidusa" (basic rule of the sidus method):

best advantage Sidusa trading method is the fact that trading on it, you will not need to add any additional filters. Losses when trading this strategy happen, but not so often!

This forex trading strategy makes trading in the FOREX market is quite profitable, its essence is very easy to understand and as easy to find points of entry into the market, as well as to fulfill the entrance to the trading position.

Highlights Forex trading strategy "Method Sidusa":

  • currency pairs: EUR / GBP and EUR / USD, may be others, but the method was tested on the data pairs.
  • Time interval - H1 (or 30 minutes, but here in this interval is more false alarms);
  • Exponential Moving Average ( Exponential Moving Average ): 18 EMA and 28 EMA (the figures are displayed, in red);
  • Weighted Moving Average - 5WMA and 8 WMA (the figures are shown in blue).

18 EMA and 28 EMA moving averages - they are two red lines moving, which form the tunnel, this feature can help you find and identify the beginning and end long-term trends . 5WMA WMA and 8 will show you where to bargain with the trend, as well as help you learn the short-term trend by and.

trading signals for entry into the market by the method Sidusa:

open trading position, only when the red tunnel is very narrow or stranded:

  • Opening a position to buy - "long": 5WMA and 8 WMA moving averages cross the red tunnel upwards. If you also notice that the 5 WMA also crosses the 8 WMA bottom up, then the signal is very strong!

  • opening position for selling - "short": 5WMA and 8 WMA moving averages cross the red tunnel downwards. If you also notice that the 5 WMA also crosses the 8 WMA from top to bottom - is also a very good signal to enter the market.

Trading signals to the output of the market that indicate the end of a trend by the method Sidusa:

  • The purchase price on the chart and reached the top 5 WMA as a "dive" under the 8 WMA moving average - should close an open trade position.

  • For sale: price on the chart reached the bottom and 5 WMA moving average as it "jumps" over 8WMA - should close a trading position.

You should ALWAYS close the open position as soon as the boundaries of the red tunnel begin to intersect, or when they approach each other so, like they are a moving average. This is a very good sign to change the current trend. If you noticed, you should close an open position, and open a trading position in the opposite direction .
If you're in the transaction, and 5WMA and 8 WMA cross the red tunnel - be very careful. If the boundaries of the red tunnel, yet do not intersect, then everything is fine, but often it is the first priznaz that they will soon be all the same cross and be ready to close the position.

Strategiya Foreks: method Sidusa

basic rule when trading method Sidusa:

  • open trading position as soon as the boundaries of the red tunnel cross and close as soon as they cross back.
  • Always use a safety stop-loss

Some notes:

money management or risk management - this is the basic rule to increase the deposit as a kind of holy grail in market Forex. Therefore, it must always be used when trading in Forex. If you use this trading strategy " method Sidusa " - it will help you make good money, and use money management allows you to not lose your deposit forex .

Strategiya Foreks: method Sidusa

Comments figure "Tunnel narrows and eventually cross - exit position and open opposite position"
The tunnel narrows and crosses - close a trading position and open an opposite position
Point of attention - but no tunnel cross - still in play: the point requiring special attention - but the tunnel did not overlap, so we remain in a trading position
5WMA cross 8WMA - strong upwards + red tunnel cross: 5 WMA crosses 8WMA strongly upward, as well as the intersection was red channel

Strategiya Foreks: method Sidusa

Comments figure "When opening short here - you will be burn - so always use a stoploss"
If you open a bargain here, you will lose money - so you should always use a safety stop-loss

basic rule of the sidus method - Forex Strategy: Method Sidusa

Comments figure "Perfect trade" - a great bargain!

No red boundary cross - so still in play - a red border price channel do not overlap - so stay in the trade deal

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