FOREX High Low

Forex Strategy High Low

This VERY simple forex strategy , but in reality it can bring good profits trading on its traders:

The essence of this strategy FOREX shown in the picture:

Strategiya FOREX «High Low»

Description forex strategy «High Low»:

C 00.00 observe the behavior of prices in the selected currency pair Forex the interval Daily .

Once the price breaks the previous High or Low candles (previous day), enter the market (conclude a deal) in the direction of price movement. If you do not want to sit and watch the price, you can set stop-loss: sell stop or buy stop.

Stop-Loss are putting on the other end of the candle yesterday.

Then, depending on market conditions:

1) if the trend movement is - rearrange the position to breakeven and wait for the closing the next day, if the movement continues - just move your stop loss.

2) if the situation is not defined in the market - or use the a trailing stop to support a position or simply rearrange the order in the "zero" and wait for the closing (the closing day, you can just close the order). And if you want to open the next (this is not necessarily in the same currency pair).

The only drawback of this method of trade - sometimes very large candles - by 100-300 points.

Accordingly, the stop-loss as it turns out - 100-300 points.

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