Skalping Forex Strategy FX Prime

Skalping Forex Strategy for the interval M1 (1 minute) - "FX Prime"

Currency pair - any
Time interval - M1
Used forex indicators: Fibo, Pivot, CCI, RCI, Heiken_Ashi_Smoothed, EJ_CandleTime, DoublecciWoody
Volume of transactions - depending on the size of the deposit (3-5% of acceptable risk for each transaction)
Dealing Centre - recommend Forex Broker low acceptable margins of the price (2-5 points) - is fine Forex4you < / p>

algorithm forex strategy "FX Prime":

This forex strategy allows me more than 80% of profitable trades when trading skalpingovyh .

Trading should be between 9:00 and 17:00 GMT (in winter time). Safety stop-loss for each position - 10 points.

propose the following rules for opening a trading position:

Open a deal to buy - a long position if:
1. SCI indicator 170 is located above the 0 line and shows the trend is up (this forex indicator crosses the first line of 0).
2. CCI indicator 34 is also above the 0 line and showing the direction of the trend up (it crosses the line 0 in the same direction, the 2-m).
3. The RSI is above 55 - this is important, do not open the bargain, if the indicator forex RSI is situated in the 45-55! Trade in this area is very dangerous, pozhdite crossing the line 55 in the direction of the trade.

trades on sale - ALL NAOBROT!

few very important points:

  • should never trade against the 5-minute trend! If the M5 (5 timinutke) trend is down, and you have to minute price chart signal appeared up, do not open the bargain, it's just rolled back, discover a bargain only after the price drop and give you a sell signal !

  • Keep the price under the direction of the trend up - did the top and bottoms, and trend downward.

  • good helper for the forex strategy would be " trailing stop on an item, Advisor for Metatrader 4 "- will help to quickly rearrange a deal to" zero "or trail to very small distance (at least 1 point).

Example of bargain strategy Forex "FX Prime" :

Skalping forex strategy-'FX Prime'

Closing the deal as soon as Heiken Ashi indicator is a different color , or as soon as the CCI crosses the 0 line in the opposite direction, or the stop-loss

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