FOREX River Wild

Forex Strategy River Wild

Forex Strategy River Wild allows you to trade only one or a few times a month and earn at the same 1,000 or more pips almost every month.

Settings forex strategy Wild River:
1) Forex Indicator - Envelopes with a period of 240, easy to be applied to the closure. Deviation - 0.06%. The upper limit - the blue, the lower limit - red. This is the "river".
2) Moving Average (Moving Average). We need to apply to the closure, linearly weighted, with 50 period.

If you do not want to set yourself - you can just download the template Wild_River for a given trading strategy designed to trading platform Metatrader 4 .

time period schedule: H4 (4 hour).
Currency pair: the best use of highly volatile pair. I personally suggest GBPJPY, or EURJPY.

Entering the market of forex strategy "Wild River":
Open a trading position to buy, after the second candle closes at the upper boundary of the river .
Open a trading position for sale, after the second candle closes at the lower boundary of the river .

Strategiya forex ĞDikaya rekağ

safety stop loss set at the back of the "river". If you live to see closure of the second candle (as required by the terms of this forex strategy), then reduce the chance that your transaction closes open the stop-loss.

exit the market:
Partially close the position at the main Fibonacci extensions - such as 161.8%, 261.8% or at trailing stop increments of 50-100 points. Detailed look at the picture above.

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