Intraday Strategy

Intraday forex trading strategy for a 5-minute chart

recommend this strategy to trade on currency pairs EURUSD and GBPUSD, but make no more than 3 trades per day trading .

And so, set a 5-minute chart:

1) indicator 50 Simple Moving Average (SMA 50)
2) indicator 21 Exponential Moving Average (EMA 21)
3) the 10 Exponential Moving Average (EMA 10)

Entering the market:
open a trading position, as soon as the angle SMA 50 period exceed 20 degrees (see graph number 1), and price returns back - the area between the EMA with a period of 21 and EMA with period of 10 .
By Example - Figure 1, we open the deal to sell the slope of the 50 SMA. Set SL (6 pips + spread) and TP (8-10 pips) . When shopping for your position will be six pips, immediately transfer the SL to breakeven (this is not simply replace " trailing stop-loss of 1 point ").

Intraday Forex Strategy for a 5-minute chart

Chart 1

A few more examples:

Intraday forex system for 5-minute chart

Figure 2

Vnutridnevnaya Forex strategy for 5-ti minut

Figure 3
Supplement to the forex strategy:
The most important thing in the forex strategy - is to find a strong trend 5-minute chart with the 50 SMA and the slope to enter the market only after the roll back when the price zone of 2 other Averages (EMA).

Pyatiminutnaya Intraday strategy for foreks

Chart 4

describe the rules again:
1) 50 SMA should indicate a strong trend in the market , which is evaluated by its slope (must be at least 20 degrees).
2) Wait until the price on the chart roll back into the zone between the EMA (21) and EMA (10).
3) Only after these 2 of these conditions, open trade deal .
4) Set stoploss at 6 pips + spread.
5) Move the stop loss point in bezubytka after a profit of at least 6 pips .
6) expose Teyk-profit - 8-10 pips.

You can also download the following Auxiliary indicators for the forex strategy - for MT4 :

Forex Indicator PhilNelSignals - zvukovay gives the signal, and notes on the chart for the opening point of the transaction. Green label - buy, red label - for sale.

Forex Indicator SMAAngle - the chart shows the angle of SMA. For this Forex strategy should set the levels of 0.2 and -0.2.

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