FOREX from the boundaries of the channel

Trade channels of the border

The most effective, the most difficult of the presented, but it is available even a beginner, and most importantly - disciplined trader strategy. Eric L. Nyman in his well-known Russian trader book - "The Small Trader's Encyclopedia", said the traders - trade professionals at the boundaries of the channel with very tight stops. This allows them to receive this award, which is quite acceptable in some loss in a row. Newcomers also traded within the channel, and lose money. So, traded currencies - EUR / USD, schedule - 3 chasovik. To eliminate the subjective use interest rate channel with 30% and 70% Fibonacci levels of interest. Basic rules of transactions is clear from the figure (part of the schedule is chosen completely at random):

border trade on Forex channel

following rules:

opening position is at the intersection of 30% or 70% Fibonacci line (marked with red dots), be sure after the arrival rates into the channel, that is, after crossing its channel line (continuous red lines). Direction (Buy, Sell) - in the opposite direction of the channel.

Closing the position is on the borders of the channel. (Strogo! no "pull" the profit and loss perezhidaniya!)

Immediately anticipate the questions - use graphics firm ArtSoft, period average interest rate channel and the order shall not give, think and analyze, pick yourself. Opens at the same time 2 lots, with the trading strategy allows for four in a row by loss of 100 points (which is the analysis of charts from 1971 (then the German mark), we have not met), maximum - 3 loss in a row overall size of 215 points.

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