Forex Strategy - 20 points per day

Strategy allows you to continually earn 20 pips per day - it can really allow you to learn how to earn on Forex every day working week. This forex strategy worked for years, so I do not think she has a tendency to stop working in the near future, but anything is possible ...

So, Algortm trading strategy forex 20 pips per day:

1. Hours on the forex strategy - just after 11:00 GMT.

2. Before deciding to trade you want to view calendar forex news and see if there is important news scheduled for this day.

3. If the output of major events still is - that open trade is only after this news.

4. If no important news is not, then the trade should be with 12:30 GMT .

5. To do this, set the schedule for moving average - SMA with 20 , and forex indicator - Momentum 5 (these forex indicators are standard indicators MT4 ).

6. time interval - 30 min (M30), currency pair - any, but better GBPUSD, USDCAD, or any vysokovolatilnaya.

7. Open a deal to buy - if the candle closes and remains above the 20 SMA, and Momentum is above average.
If the price closes and remains below the moving average 20 SMA, and Momentum is below average - opening the deal to sell .

Strategiya forex 20 points in den

8. Put Teyk-profit - at least 20 pips, but I would certainly recommend using trailing stop-loss of 1 point or a standard terminal for the rearrangement of the order when you reach 10-15 points - at zero, and then you take away 30-50% of the transaction at a profit to 20 of 30 points, while the remaining 70-50% treylinguete , and thus can make a profit garazdo more than 20 points!!!

9. Stop-loss is the same - you can put 20 pips (set immediately at the opening of trading transactions) or you can put for removals, or high (or low) the last candle, which crossed the movers (SMA 20) .

10. Be vigilant, if the price after the opening of trading transactions and cross the 20 SMA close there, you should immediately close the bargain!

This forex strategy can be applied to any other time interval if during the trading day there is enough volatility in the foreign exchange market. I am for this forex strategy chosen American session, as name on it is almost always there is a strong movement in the market, but if desired it can be used well and in the European session.

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