FOREX Bagovino Method

Forex Strategy Method Bagovino

Strategy is very simple, are trading at hour schedule (H1) , it must establish EMA (close) with a period of 5 and 21 . And as with the RSI period 21 . All these indicators are in any standard set platform Metatrader 4 .

In plants of the RSI indicator set of 50.
As soon as the 5 and 21 EMA cross upward, and the RSI crosses back up a level 50 - open the deal to buy (remember - the transaction should be opened only after the closing hour candles and candle digging the new hours! !)

In contrast, as soon as the EMA crossed down the chart and the RSI falls below 50 - opening the deal to sell (remember - transaction should be opened only after the closing hour candles and candle digging the new hours!!!) best situation, as soon as the two crossings occur at the same time (the intersection of EMA and RSI indicator crosses a level 50).

This forex strategy at history has shown about 85% profitable signals!
To work, you can choose any currency pair.

For examples, see in the picture:

Strategiya forex'Metod Bagovino'

For the first time (the situation on the left) - was first crossing removals, but we had a deal only a few hours later, after the RSI has crossed a level 50 and closed below it.

The second time (the situation is right) - Moving Averages and RSI crossing occurred at 1 hour after the closing hour deal was made for the purchase.

Stop Loss recommend stavte at your discretion (depending on the decision you MM (risk management) - as you see fit, but I still recommend not risking more than 0.5-2% of the depot each transaction and put a stop-loss: the purchase - below the previous low candle in the sale - over the last candle hai).

You propose to use the forex indicator Vegas 1 Hour to determine the levels for the partial closure profitnyh trading positions. For example, you opened a bargain on a signal Bagovino 0.3 lots. The first line can close 0.1 lots, and the rest put in bezubytka level. On the second line block has 0.1 lot, and only the remainder of the latter can close or you can just pull it into profit and start up a "free floating" treylenguya rest position such as at a distance of 25-50 points, hoping to catch with the trend movement.

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