FOREX Inner Bar

Forex Strategy Inner Bar

Forex Strategy Inner Bar - the trading system, which is taken as a basis for strategy on the MACD and Inside Bar , but also added additional terms and conditions allowing to obtain a more stable income for this trading system, trading is the currency pair EURUSD and GBPUSD, time frames: M30, H1 (in the future perhaps there will be other options for this strategy).

  • recommend selecting a Forex Broker with MetaTrader 4

The strategy is fundamentally changed.

For example, consider setting indicators and forex strategy itself Inner Bar of the currency pair GBPUSD (M30) ( note: for other timeframes and currency steam setting indicators, stumbling, profits, etc., can vary):

1) on the schedule set Exponential Moving Average (in MT4 Indicator Moving Average) - EMA (7) , to apply to close - the average period is chosen for each currency pair and timeframe to individually.

2) as well as an indicator MACD (2,13,13) , to apply to close

conclude a deal to buy:

If the MACD is located above its zero line and price on the chart is above the EMA (7) - set a pending order Buy Stop above the maximum price the inner bar formed at a distance of 30-40 points, as we still expect to probe the prices up.

Strategiya forex'Vnutrenny Bar'

conclude a deal to sell:

If the MACD is below its zero line and price on the chart below the EMA (7) and there is an "inner bar", then we only sell order - Sell stop at 30 -40 points (for a 4-digit DC - type Forex4you and 300-400 points for 5 digit DC - type Alpari ), less than the minimum price the resulting "inner bar "because we expect the breakdown of the costs down.

Forex Trading Strategy 'Inner Bar'

safety stop-loss places just below the low bar for internal transactions for buying and above the high bar for domestic transactions in the sale.

Now Major revisions to the strategy on the MACD and Inside Bar:

1) Immediately after activation orders Buy Stop (or after a warrant - will count as better), set aside Buy Limit order at a rate 3 times greater than the first order (ie Buy Limit = 3 x BuyStop, for example BuyStop = 1 unit, then the Buy Limit = 3 lots).

Buy Limit set at a distance of 20-30 points (4-digit DC - type Forex4you and 200-300 points for the 5-digit DC - type Alpari ) from a warrant Buy Stop.

2) If a Buy Limit order is not successful within 2 hours after activation of 1st (Buy Stop) or 1st order went in level bezubytka, we will delete it!

3) For the first order take profit is not set, and the second order it is equal to about 50-70 points (4-digit DC - type Forex4you and 500-700 points for the 5-digit DC - type Alpari ).

4) When the return on the 1 st warrant 20 - 30 points (4-digit DC) - rollover to breakeven.

When the profits of the 2nd warrant 40 - 50 points (4-digit DC) - transfer the same position at the level of bezubytka.

For orders Sell Stop - check the conditions!

Additional conditions:

1) Pay for only the first candle on the inner bar, and her place orders

2) Prior to closing, or removal orders does not consider other internal bars on the chart

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