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Strategy Forex Trend Lines

Strategy Forex Trend Lines - an elementary trading system, the profitability of which just struck me (see the report at the end of the forex strategy, although it is not final), it uses only retreat from the trend lines , built by 2-3 time frames, as well as the rules of entry and exit and nothing more!

Although the strategy is somewhat similar to forex strategy "Trand Lines" , but still I could not help it not to publish, as author easily increased his score to the sum of more than 330 000 $ for a very short time - about 2 months for this trade strategy (10 to) ...

This forex strategy is suitable for all currency pairs, and virtually any time-frame, but it is advisable to use the interval above M5. Although the author without any obstacles and sells at intervals M1. But it recommends that still look closely to the larger intervals, as on them and profits are much more time before the monitor and you just spend less. Also do not forget that in the interval M1 profit can be 5-10 points, and thus spread 3.4 points, which is just not rational!

So, suppose we have chosen to trade the currency pair EURUSD, the interval M15. Therefore we must first determine where the trend is aimed at intervals of 2, above our chosen, ie M30, H1. And thus we enter into transactions only in the direction of this trend !!!

Ie if the line for 2 + in our tradable timeframe (M15) straight up, then we will buy on approach to the data lines , but not the stakes, and deferred orders Buy Stop , which exhibited higher by 5 points, a candle than contact with this line - "candle lights out"!

Strategiya Forex on the lines Trenda

Accordingly, in the direction of the lines down, we'll sell approaching the price of data lines from the bottom up on a pending order Sell Stop , which are established below candles soprikosayuscheysya with trend lines directed down!

Strategiya Forex Lines Trenda

Stop-Loss in this case will show 5 points below the "sliding door stop candle" in a transaction to buy, and 5 points above the "sliding door stop candles" for the transactions for the sale. < / p>

take profit set to the nearest local maximum (5-10 points lower) for the transactions to buy and to the nearest local minimum (5-10 points vyzhe) for transactions for sale.

This stop-loss I recommend to move on closed candles (again, 5 points above or below - depending on the concluded transactions.) For these purposes, you can use the generic trailing stop (trailing by candlelight).

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