FOREX Autsaydinga Method

Forex Strategy Method Autsaydinga

algorithm Forex strategy method Autsaydinga (The Outsider Method):

put in the schedule trading platform Metatrader 4 - EMA (exponential moving average) with a period of 9 to 15-minute chart of the currency pair GBPUSD .
After that, watch the candles on the chart, which should take the following form to make a deal:
Body and shadow candlestick not touch our EMA with a period of 9 .
Ideally, High or Low candles should be least about 1 point from the EMA (9).
closing price candles should be higher than the previous High (bull trend) or below previous Low (downtrend).

Rules of entry to the market ok according to forex strategy autsaydinga Method:

In a bull market: conclude a deal to buy at the opening of the next bar.
In a bear market: conclude a deal to sell at the opening of the next bar.

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Rules out of the market according to the method of forex strategy autsaydinga:

1. When a transaction is open, once without slowing down the set SL and TP .
2. SL should be set to Low (bullish trend in the market) or High (bearish trend in the market) of the previous candlestick (alternatively, if the Low or High are very close to the point of entry into the market, you need to use Low High and previous candles).
3. TP should be set to a distance equal to the size of the previous trading body candles.
4. If the price has gone dramatically and we have profit 20 pips or more - move the SL on the value = (+ breakeven spread).

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