FOREX strategy break Big Dog

Big Dog - break forex strategy for USD

Forex Strategy "Big Dog" is very simple and requires no additional indicators forex, you will need only the tools of graphic constructions, which are present in any trading platform Metatrader 4 .

Approximate profit obtained by this strategy, forex day from 30 to 50 pips (depending on the chosen currency pair and on how well you are doing all the building and not to make mistakes).

So, all you need in order to trade forex strategy "Big Dog " - do the following:

1. Choose a 15-minute chart of any currency pair with the USD (although I personally am a supporter of GBPUSD or USDJPY - it all depends on how the market behaves at the moment).

2. The graph for the chosen currency pair draw a vertical line at 12:00 (time GMT , but not terminal and MSC - consider this fact must) - ie the opening of the U.S. session.

3. Then Draw another vertical line at 14:00 (time as GMT)

4. Now draw a horizontal line at the highest price in that period - by Huy.

5. And just very Draw a horizontal line at the lowest price between procherchinymi vertical lines - on low.

That's basically all the building, and now expose 2 pending orders to break through (Buy Stop and Sell Stop) on the border of the drawn horizontal lines .

Stop-Loss - on the opposite border of the period of late channel.
Approximate Teyk-profit 30-50 pips (depending on the chosen currency pair).
It may be used in the forex strategy Trailing 10-15 pips stop .

example in Figure:

Big Dog - break forex strategy for USD

To be sure, I recommend to test this strategy on the history and make sure that it is capable of make good profit .

Add to forex strategy "Big Dog":

1. At the present 15 minute chart is obtained a total of 9 candles in our range - between 12 and 14 hours to GMT.

2. If the distance between two horizontal lines were built less than 50-60 pips , this transaction will have a better chance to close with a profit!

3. If the resulting distance more than 50-60 pips , the deal is less likely to close with gains -, respectively, in these cases, you may not sell, the more so as a stop-loss respectively obtained also too big.

4. If the price did not pierce drawn by horizontal lines - this is nothing more than a Ranged - respectively, and a warrant will not work.

5. Important economic news in the U.S. usually come out at this particular time range (16-18), so we do not really risk a stop-losses due to sharp fluctuations.

6. Very Important : Trading Signals only valid for the current business day , the next day to draw a new line 4, delete did not work out a warrant and put the new order.

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