Forex Strategy T3MA

Forex Strategy T3MA is working on the indicator, forex, which was written based on T3MA indicator (all the indicators you can download at the end of this strategy). To trade on the method I recommend to set the parameters instead of 15 and 0.7 - 4 and 1,5.
After you install the forex indicator on the chosen currency pair, it will be displayed clearly visible peaks and troughs. Additional forex indicator T3MA-ALARM displays the entry point on the chart as arrows . The alarm will notify at the moment, as soon as a new needle and signal respectively.

Strategiya forex T3MA

Transactions under forex strategy T3MA:
1) Enclose deal to buy - the appearance of the chart up arrow
2) Conclude a deal to sell - the appearance of the graph down arrow.

Setting Stop-loss - at your discretion (but I recommend for the next high - for sale and to buy at least).
take profit - also at your discretion, but you can such as the Fibonacci extension (set of important Fibonacci ).
We should not just forget about the rules of «money management» (ie, use no more than 1-2% risk of the size of deposit on each item). Another tip - not sell in a bullish trend (at a higher time frame) and do not buy in a bear .
Recommend to buy or sell after the rollback in the direction of the main trend - more chances to make a profit .

This forex strategy works best on a currency pair GBPUSD, because she has a very good volatility, but should work on all other currency pairs.

more profitable this forex strategy with the express trend, however, and in the flat is also quite possible to trade.
Time interval - optional, but always in forex trading should be remembered that on the larger time interval less than the "market noise».
This forex strategy is quite possible to trade in the range of M30 and more.

download forex indicator T3MA-ALARM

download forex indicator T3MA

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