4-x-Hour MACD Forex Strategy

algorithm 4-x hourly MACD forex strategy :

As the author of this forex strategy, the profitability of its average 300 pips per month - a signal for entry into the market are patterns forex indicator MACD on the 4-x-hour chart chosen to trade any currency pair. Target levels of income and levels of safety stop-loss is determined by trading support and resistance levels, as well as moving averages or trade the Fibonacci levels.

forex indicators used in 4-x hourly MACD forex strategy (all of them are present in Trading terminal MetaTrader 4 ):
Moving Averages - Moving Averages:
1) 365 Exponential Moving Average ( 365EMA ) - exponential moving average with a period of 365

2) 200 Simple Moving Average ( 200SMA ) - simple moving average with a period of 200

3) 89 Simple Moving Average ( 89SMA ) - simple moving average with period 89

4) 21 Exponential Moving Average ( 21EMA ) - exponential moving average with period 21

5) 8 Exponential Moving Average ( 8EMA ) - exponential moving average with a period of 8

Forex Indicator MACD:
1) Fast EMA 5
2) Slow EMA 13

Horizontal Lines - horizontal lines:
On the chart of the MACD indicator is set 3 sets of horizontal lines above and below the zero line .

above zero:
1) Level +0.0015
2) Level +0.0030
3) Level +0.0045

below zero:
1) Level -0.0015
2) Level -0.0030
3) Level -0.0045

's about how to look your schedule, after placing all the indicators and settings.

4 xchasovaya MACD Forex Strategy - Fig. 1

patterns, which creates an indicator MACD, are usually very profitable. But it is only necessary to use those trading signals, which are more likely to make a profit .

In the examples below, are more profitable patterns.

4-x-Hour MACD Forex Strategy - Fig. 2

on patterns A and D, the MACD has moved beyond the level of 0.0045, generally, it says forex traders about a possible corrective movement or change of trend. This is of against (counter trend) patterns.
Patterns B and C - are trendy, they allow traders to enter in the direction of the primary trend. The red circles indicate the signal for the transaction, to enter the market to opening next bar .

Head and Shoulders Pattern:

4-x-Hour MACD Forex Trading Strategy - Fig. 3

Pattern Double top and bottom

4-x-Hour MACD trading strategy FOREX Fig. 4

As soon as the MACD indicator is reduced to the zero line and turns back toward the main trend, holding just above its zero line - it is a signal to continue the trend. According to this price movement simply need to trade, because it is often sufficient strong .

4-x-Hour MACD Strategy - Fig. 5

pattern round the top and bottom:

Just a call to action. Just be careful when the indicator MACD is located within the first zone of 0.0000 and 0.0015 above or below zero. Good signal to close the deal will be pattern , if rounding formed at least 5 bars .

4-x-Hour MACD Forex Strategy for - Fig. 6

Examples of patterns indicator MACD on the real charts:

4-x-Hour MACD Forex Strategy Free - Fig. 7 4-x-Hour MACD Forex Strategy profitable - Fig. 8

In the chart below shows the price as if in play, revolves around the level of support and resistance levels. The first input is above the moving average and the first profit target will be around the fast moving average (8EMA and 21EMA). The second profit target is around the slow moving average (89SMA and 365EMA). The third goal of profit will be at a price level 1.2100, etc. This is an example of how to plan your trading plan in advance to take partial profits from the market until the trade is over.

4-x-Hour MACD Forex Strategy Risk-free - Fig. 9

near the entry point must be a level in the past at the cost of testing , so that for a given level can be set safety stop-loss.

4-x-Hour MACD Forex Strategy profitable - Fig. 10


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