Forex Strategy The Bat

Forex Strategy The Bat (Die Fledermaus) - is a medium-term strategy Forex, which davolno easy to use, and the ratio of losses to profits in it are very good; trading system uses basically forex indicator, which was developed on the basis of the indicator ATR.

Settings forex strategy The Bat:

1) During the testing of this strategy forex trading platform used MT4 (I recommend to pay attention to these Dealing Centers with Terminal MetaTrader 4 - which worked well in the forex market).
2) time range - 1 hour, Trading couple - GBPUSD .
3) Set forex indicator ATR__the_bat (period 5, the factor of 4.0) - you can download it at the end of this forex strategy.
4) Set the selected chart Fibonacci lines . The properties of Fibonacci in the tab "Fibonacci» add or edit the following levels :
- Level 0 - description of the "U-turn»
- 0.382 - description "38.2 - 2 lots»
- 0.618 - description "61.8 - a lot»
- 1 - description "Enter - a lot»
- 1.618 - description "161.8 - 1 lot»

your resulting graph should look something like this:

Strategiya forex The Bat (Letuchaya mysh)

Figure 1

blue and red lines on the graph lines nazvyvayutsya "BAT".

Description forex strategy The Bat:

The entry:
We open the bargain, as soon as the price breaks the line "ABC" . If you are currently blue line BAP, therefore the price is above it. When the price is suitable and will pass through the blue line BAP, we conclude a bargain for sale . You can also place a pending order on line ABC, so that you could not miss the point to enter the market.
After the blue line will be broken, you'll see that start to draw a red line. This will occur after the close of the next bar on the chart. With a deal for the purchase, the rules are the same but opposite.

Example of an ordinary transaction.
Consider it in Figure 2. Price was under the red line "ABC" to 22.12 and to 27.12, after the price broke through the red line in the BAT the next point - 1.9589.
Once the price breaks the red line, open a trade deal to buy - the size of a lot (the size of transactions is given conditionally, you can pick such that conforms to the size of your deposit as a percentage ) . After we set the schedule for the Fibonacci levels. Simply choose the tool Fibonacci and stretch it from the entry point to the last major or a minimum .
On the example you will see how to draw a line from a minimum of Fibonacci candlestick 26/12 at 19:00 at 1.9511.

TStrategiya Forex - The Bat (Die Fledermaus) - Chart 2

Figure 2

little work out to establish the Fibonacci levels.

After the transaction is open (let's call it, such as "transaction number 1"), it should be placed pending orders in the order (they must all be at purchase):
- A pending order to buy - "transaction number 2", set at the level of Fibonacci "61.8 - a lot»;
- 2 pending orders - "transaction number 3" and "transaction number 4" on the 1st lot on the level of Fibonacci 38.2;
First stop-loss trading positions will be located 10 pips below the last minimum (ie the minimum which was held Fibonacci level).

The objective of this strategy, Forex - open more trade deals if the price rolls back to those levels Fibonacci .
The easiest option trade deal - not when the price pulls back and moves forward only.

Consider Figure 3, it clearly shows that the price is moving forward without setbacks. Once the price breaks through the Fibonacci level 161.8, you must delete all pending orders. If the price did not pierce 161.8 Fibonacci level, and bounce off it, you'll likely start opposite trend, and we do not need to open additional trades.
Once on the graph the blue line appeared and it was up to the point where we have placed a stop-loss, we need to move our stop-loss level at the blue line and leave it there.
The easiest way out of a trade transaction takes place after the price breaks above the blue line and gives us the signal to open the transaction for sale.

Forex Trading Strategy The Bat (Die Fledermaus) - Figure 3

Figure 3

more complicated version of the transaction.
This option is usually a bargain occurs most commonly in the market . Once the price breaks above the red line, we open our bargain number 1 at the price of 1.9337 on 8 January (see Chart 4). Once a bargain has been opened, we need to place the pending orders - a bargain at the price of number 2 1.9307, trading transaction number 3 and number 4 at the price of 1.9289. Initially, The stop loss set at 1.9249 price level. When placing pending orders set Teyk profit at the entry level market in the first trade deal , in this case the price is 1.9337.
Bargain number 1 is kept open until such time as the price will not be able to break the blue line. Safety stop-loss on the trade deal tightens the number 1 in terms of the blue line.

result of the transactions:
The transaction number 1: input 9337 output 9373, a total of + 36 points
The transaction number 2: Input Output 9307 9337, up + 30 points
The transaction number 3: input 9289 output 9337, a total of + 48 points
The transaction number 4: Input Output 9289 9337, up + 48 points
Total has been earned - 162 points.

Trading Strategy Forex The Bat (Die Fledermaus) - Chart 4

Figure 4

Trading on the forex market, located in the state fletovom:
This option Forex strategy works well, as soon as the price fluctuates in a certain narrow range of . In the following example, trades number 1 and number 2 was opened and closed by the above mentioned rules. On the chart number 5, they were marked with pink arrows. The blue arrows point to the same re-entry into the market after the price of re-rolled. However, the re-entry into the market can be made only if the market price remains within the established level of Fibonacci 161.8 . Once the price reaches a level of 161.8, this option trading should not be used. It seems likely that the flat ended and began anew trend movement. Or, if the price is again returned to the Fibonacci levels of 61.8 and 38.2, there is a high probability davolno trend reversal, followed by a broken line of BAT, which could result in losses.

Trading Strategy The Bat (Die Fledermaus) - Figure 5

Figure 5

course, in the forex strategy happen stop-loss. Usually they are because of the shadows retail candles, which exceed the level. And the most unpleasant that no one knows whether this will be a mere shadow of a candle at the closing hour or strong breakthrough.

The Bat (Die Fledermaus) - Description of forex strategy - figure 6

Figure 6

download forex indicator ATR__the_bat. mq4

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