FOREX on a 3-EMA + Bollinger

Forex Strategy for 3-EMA + Bollinger

Forex Strategy for 3-EMA + Bollinger works well in any currency pair, for the transaction must first examine 2 temporary interval: 30 minutes + 5 minutes , and only then make a decision about opening a trade position.

Set the selected schedule following forex indicators (all of them are present in the terminal Metatrader 4 ):
1) Exponential Moving Average EMA with a period of 14
2) moving average EMA with a period of 21
3) Exponential Moving Average EMA 50 period
4) Bollinger Bands indicator with parameters (20, 2)

Terms of the deal of forex strategy at the 3-EMA + Bollinger Bands (necessary so that all the conditions vypolnelis):
1) Open 5-minute chart and analyze patterns:
5 minute chart trend is up if : Moving Average EMA 14 EMA 21 is above average, and moving averages are 14 EMA and 21 EMA 50 EMA is above average and exponential moving average if 50 EMA is located inside the tape Bollinger.

2) If these conditions continue to the 30 minute chart.

And if it is a moving average EMA 14 EMA 21 is above average, and average 14 EMA and 21 EMA moving average above 50 EMA and 50 EMA is within the Bollinger Bands.
Only torgda need to open a trading position to buy.

To conclude the trading position for sale it is necessary that all the conditions vypolnelis exactly the opposite.

example below (click on it to enlarge - opens in new window)

 Forex Strategy for 3-EMA + Bollinger Bands

recommend to the forex strategy use a trailing stop (trailing size depends on the chosen currency pair and the volatility in the market - and quite podaydet trailing stop on a point ).

close trading positions as soon as any of the conditions is violated , or as soon as the profit is high, to close the deal (can also cover parts of the profit).

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